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How to Get Your Girl Back When She Says It’s Over

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The end doesn’t always have to mean the end. For movies, it sometimes means a sequel. Learn how to get your girl back when she says it’s over and see if you can’t make phase two a whole lot better than phase one anyway.

Your success may hinge on exactly how she ended the relationship. Did she catch you cheating, chew you out and tell you it was over? That may be hard to overcome – not impossible, just more difficult. If, however, she cried or tried to tell you as calmly as possible but was shaking or if you picked up on a the sense that she really didn’t want the relationship to end then you stand a really good chance on getting back together more easily.

You see, sometimes people break up with someone out of fear or out of an inability to figure out how to get the relationship past some hurdle. Fear can be driven by the fear of the future, fear that they will let you down, fear that they don’t fit in your world…any number of reasons. It’s not always logical to think that just because a girl thinks she doesn’t fit in with your family that she should break it off with you but that sometimes happens.

The problem is that a woman might see a relationship hurdle looming up ahead and not know how to get past it. If it’s your family or the fact that you travel for your job (maybe even the fact that you don’t have a job), they might end the relationship because they don’t see how to get past that hurdle. They don’t see how to get along with your family, even if it’s highly possible to do so or even if their really isn’t a problem with your family. If you have no job, they can’t see how to build a future without that. Our minds leap ahead and build the future and where there’s doubt or uncertainty it’s easy to fill those holes with doubt and concern.

How to Get Your Girl Back

  • Avoid chasing her too – a calm and well-planned approach is much better than a rapid-fire blitz
  • Think through how she broke up with you and determine if there were signs that you think she really didn’t want to break up with you
  • Watch the free intro video at the Magic of Making Up website for what to say to your ex to start on the path of getting her back

To actually get her back takes using the right approach.  You don’t want to make any assumptions about why she ended the relationship as that could make her more upset, not less.  Using my example above, if she broke up with you because she wanted to date someone else and you tell her you know she broke up with you because she was afraid your family didn’t like her, not only will she get upset but you won’t look like you had any clue about her feelings to begin with.

It can be tricky walking down the path of how to get your girl back, especially when you might not be sure exactly why she called it quits.  Your heart is in the right place, though, and her’s may be, too.  Something scared her away and if you can figure out what that was and help her with the solution then you can race off to create your own happy ending.

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